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Baden-Württemberg is a state rich in culture and art. You can visit the oldest television tower in Germany, admire the fascinating "Made in Stuttgart" cars or see the works of old masters from all over the world

Television Tower Stuttgart (Fernsehturm)
State Gallery (Staatsgalerie)
Mercedes-Benz Museum

Information about Stuttgart

Stuttgart is not only the capital of the Baden-Württemberg state, with its population of 563,054 is it also the biggest city of this state. The metropolitan region of Stuttgart with 2,7 million inhabitants is the sixth biggest in Germany.

State capital
Stuttgart is the seat of the Baden-Württemberg state government, the Landtag (state parliament) and many other state authorities, such as the State Ministry, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Labour and Social Issues of Baden-Württemberg.

Geography of Stuttgart
The inner city of Stuttgart is located in the Stuttgart Basin, surrounded by forests and vineyards, and it is known for its numerous parks and green areas.

Stuttgart’s coat of arms features a proud black steed, a symbol dating back to the horse-breeding tradition of the city’s founder, Duke Liudolf of Swabia (930 - 957)..